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Jason is proud to play and be recognized for the unique design and sound of his customized Conklin Seven-String Fretless "Om Bass."  Jason has partnered with Conklin Guitars to create the "Jason Everett Signature Seven-String Fretless Bass" to be released in 2015.



In addition to the fretless, Jason has radically modified his Rickenbacker 4001 Geddy Lee bass to become an elecric sitar by scalloping the finger board, modifying the string spacing, building a buzz bridge, and adding sympathetic strings. 


Jason is proud to use Mark Bass Amplifiers and uses the Big Bang head with a Traveler 210 cabinet




Jason is proud to use a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 for all of his live and studio recording.



Jason is proud to use Macintosh computers and Logic software in the studio.

Jason also plays an Ergo electric upright bass.


Jason's cajon was created by Richey Drum Shop.

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