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Following Resonance, Jason and guitarist Ken Jacobsen formed the group Sarab with vocalist Azula.  The group covered several Latin, Arabic, and Fado pieces.  Original band members included, Assia Hamani, vocals; and Geoff Johns, percussion.  Other musicans joined the group as it evolved including: Bill Moyer, percussion; Van Crozier, saxes; Fletcher Andrews, drum kit; and Terri "Clari-T" Cole, clarinet.


Under Jason's leadership, the group evolved to become more focused on performing dance music from the Mediterrean region and was renamed, Avaaza. Members included: Azula, vocals; Chaz Reed, guitar, mandolin; Terri "Clari-T" Cole on clarinet, EWI; George Sadak, drums, percussion; Michael Nageub, keyboards, ney; and Tracy Helming, violin, belly dance; and Chandra Naraine, percussion.

Sarab/AvaazaVashon Island 2008-2012


Sarab ~ Beni Beni

Avaaza Debut ~ Kashmir by Led Zepplin

Avaaza ~ Khallouni

Sarab ~ Uma Flor

Avaaza ~ Dilruba

Avaaza ~ Promo

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