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Jason joined the Little Green Men (LGM) in 1988 shortly after moving to Minneapolis MN.  The group was exploring musical space with free-form space jazz improv woven between interesting compositions. 


Members of LGM at the time were: founders, Steve Skalr on guitars; and Johnna Morrow on flutes/winds; as well as Michael Pelz-Sherman on keyboards and Dodd Johnson on drum kit.


LGM was a favorite group at MiniCon Science Fiction Convention and was featured in the Special UFO Edition of OMNI Magazine in December 1990.

Little Green Men ~


Avant garde Space Jazz


Minneapolis MN 1988 - 1991

Listen to LGM's entire album, Out of this World here. Recorded Live to Digital Stereo

Video of LGM at the MiniCon Science Fiction Convention 1991.

Midi Vibes by Jim "Henk" Henkameyer and drums by John Lavin.

Psychedlic light show by Richard Titge

This is a live and ambient recording of three space jams.  The piece entitled IO was a commissioned work by the Minnesota Composer's Fourum and performed at the Walker Art Center in 1991.

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