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Internationally recognized Italian guitarist Andre Feriante's new group, The Bohemian Entourage is the latest incarnation of this ever evolving artist. A classical performer in the Segovia style, Feriante is 30-year veteran to the stage, having played his first concert in Rome in 1979. Since then Andre has toured the world and continued to evolve as an artist. Feriante's creative phases having taken him into original composition, writing lyrics and developing a vocal sound, performing poetry over music, honing his skills as a virtuoso ukuleleist and sharing the stage with musicians and dancers of all styles. Andre has slowly become a cross-over performer in the style of Sting or Yo Yo Ma, thus planting the seed for the formation of his own group.

Andre Feriante and The Bohemian Entourage offer a very unique and compelling sound to the concert stage. You will hear original Spanish influenced music combined with opera, Bach, Leonard Cohen, jazz standards, east Indian rhythms played with Feriante's creative banjo and ukulele techniques, fiery South American songs, early music and improvisations on the Beatles. Improvisation, humor and storytelling are a big part of the concept of the the Entourage.

Andre's vision with music is simple, to share beauty and joy in song, to transport the listener to a place of inspiration and personal healing. He has invited artists into his life that share that same philosophy and have a casual and generous spirit on stage. The group is comprised of an amazing pool of talent from many different cultural roots. Steve Thoreson, award-winning tenor with Scandinavian and Native American roots; Stella Rossi, multi-talented dancer from Paraguay; Anil Prasad, son of acclaimed Indian vocalist and sitarist, Debi Prasad on tabla and ethnic percussion; and Jason Everett, a student of many global genres on seven-string fretless bass and cajon. With several continents represented, Andre Feriante's Bohemian Entourage offers a dynamic and powerful experience in the world of modern music.

Andre Feriante and

The Bohemian Entourage


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